Viagra Australia: What Does It Do For You?

Viagra has long ago became a byword for an aphrodisiac, which in fact it is not. So let’s look closer at what Viagra can and cannot offer you. Viagra OnlineLet’s start with a brief survey of what Viagra is.

Viagra is a pill containing sildenafil citrate. The tablet has a diamond shape and blue color with a V on it, but sometimes this is not the case (when we talk about generic Viagra Australia). Generic and brand pills are identical in composition, purpose and effect, but range drastically in price.

Viagra is used to facilitate the achievement of erection. Now to what it actually means. Sildenafil will make it possible for you to achieve erection provided (and only) if you are sexually stimulated. Thus, the pill works for men who can experience sexual desire, but cannot respond to it by developing an erection which is hard enough for vaginal penetration, or any at all. This is in fact is the definition for erectile dysfunction.

This effect is achieved when sildenafil citrate comes into reaction with phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) and inhibits it. PDE5 is an enzyme that is secreted to terminate erection after climaxing, but when overly produced causes ED state. Viagra inhibits PDE5 only when the brain receives signals of arousal.

Therefore, when you take Viagra Australia, you can expect:

• Restoration of erectile function;
• Decreased sensitivity of penis resulting in better control of ejaculation;
• Increased stamina;
• Alleviation of performance anxiety;
• Ultimately satisfying sexual acts;
• Faster recharges and better durability.

What you cannot expect is Viagra to be a sexually stimulating factor in itself, nor to act as a contraception / fertility agent nor protection from STDs.

Classical Viagra cannot be used in women for the same purposes as it is used in men. Therefore taking of Viagra by anyone to whom it is not intended will be to no avail. As a matter of fact, it can even turn the tide for you if you plan to take it recreationally, that is without a genuine need. Thus, men with normally functioning erectile mechanism do not need to get any extra dope for their sex life. Every Tom, Dick and Harry have their own sexual rhythm, and if it seems lower than desired Viagra is not a way. It simply does not change the temperament pattern, but what it can do is compromise the ability to achieve erection when taken by a healthy person for a number of times.

Be careful and use Viagra Australia with responsibility and caution. Remember that buying your pills from a reputable online pharmacy is the first step to a better and safer sex life.

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